Voice and Data Solutions for Retail

Voice and Data Solutions for Retail

Provide Unbeatable Customer Service
with Broadsmart

From providing store hours to answering return policy questions, a sizable part of your day is spent on the phone or the Internet interacting with customers. You need a reliable voice and data solution that delivers a positive user experience and makes your life easier.

Broadsmart’s cloud-based phone systems, unified communication solutions and broadband data networks allow you to do more than just take phone calls and answer emails. With us, you get call reports that show how many times a number calls and how long they typically wait. Plus, our voice and retail data solutions allow you to quickly connect with stores across the nation—no matter the distance.

Are You Ready to Provide Your Customers

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Benefits of
Telecom Retail

  • Statistical Reporting
  • Improved Voice Quality
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Easy Setup

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